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Guaranteed car loans can give you more bargaining power

Providing you have an income, can prove where you live and are able to put a moderate down payment on a new or used car, then you can get quotes for guaranteed car loans. A guaranteed loan means that you are approved for the borrowing before you go looking for a new or used car and so know how much the budget is that you have to work in. This type of loan can also give you bargaining power which means you can sometimes get a little knocked off the asking price.

Guaranteed car loans can be taken out for new or used cars and can be taken out for as little as one year which is favourable if you are buying a used car and have put down a modest down payment on the car. The beauty of this type of loan is that you will not be tempted to overspend on your budget when in the car dealership or when looking to buy a second hand car privately. Having the loan guaranteed means you cannot go over that amount and so you have to stick within that fixed amount which you know you can afford to repay.

By taking out guaranteed car loans for a second hand car over a short period of time you also have the advantage of knowing that the loan will be repaid before the car loses too much value. Taking out a loan over many years would mean that you would perhaps end up paying out more than the car was worth towards the end of the loan due to deprecation. Another plus with guaranteed car loans is that providing you maintain the repayments on the loan then you can usually trade your car in should your circumstances change, which provides more flexibility than with other types of car finance.

As with any type of car finance the easiest and quickest way to get the cheapest rates of interest and the best deal is by going with a specialist car loan website. A website such as this will allow you to tailor your search to guaranteed car loans and get several quotes in one place so that you are able to compare them for the cheapest and best deal. The quotes should come with the key facts attached and you have to read the small print as this gives valuable information such as the interest rate, how much the loan will cost in total and also any hidden additional fees that could occur. Fees such as early repayment fees can be hidden in the small print which means that if through good fortune you are able to repay the loan early you would have to pay a lump sum fee.

Any type of borrowing needs careful consideration before signing on the bottom line and guaranteed car loans are no exception. Always take the advice that a specialist car finance website gives out freely by way of FAQs pages, hints, tips and articles so you know how to get the best out of your loan.

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